Adding spouse name - passport renewal

I am adding spouse name for the first time while renewing my passport. My spouse has already added my name to his passport. So I am submitting a copy of my spouse’s passport which has my name under spouse name. Do I have to submit a copy of my marriage certificate too? I am hesitating because there is s spelling error in my father’s name in my marriage certificate. It is a phonetic difference ( ‘tha’ in my father’s name is spelt as ‘da’ in my marriage certificate)

Marriage certificate is probably required unless VFS can waive it.

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Hi @anil_am22 I submitted only copy of spouse passport and did not submit marriage certificate. But my application has now been processed by vfs and is in transit to the embassy/consulate. Does this mean vfs has waived marriage certificate for my case ? is there a possibility that the consulate will still ask for marriage certificate?