Additional Identity Information Request

Hi guys,

Does anyone have this experience?

I have submitted the application and received an email from ACS 8 weeks later and said “we do not have received your additional Identity information and we need to finalise your case” something like this.

However, I didn’t receive any information request email other than this “result” email.

I have sent email to ACS assessment team and called ACS but still no response from the ACS officer. What else can I do? I even do not what I have missed…I did give them 3 different ID prove.

Thanks for reading.

If you contact ACS via their office contact email, they do respond.

Thanks. I sent 2 weeks ago but still don’t have any response. I am just afraid the 60days review/appeal period will be passed if the situation keeps like this.

But seems I do not have any other choice since I have called few times and sent email to case officer and the assessment team’s email.