Addresses on Online application form and Annexure E

Hello, Anil (@anil_am22),

I have put an Indian address as to be printed and one US address (Uncle’s permanent address) in the Online application form. I am using my resident address in Annexure E and Affidavit for change in appearance forms. My address proof (license) has also the same Annexure E address.

So, Is it okay to have a different address, or do I need to fill another Online application form?

FYI, I have already submitted through VFS and paid the fees.

Thank you in advance!

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The Annexure E and Affidavit for change in appearance and signature should have the address you reside at here - so u are fine there. For India address to be printed in passport you just have to provide proof of address in India . As long as you sent that, you should be fine.

Thank you Bhakti for your response.

I was a bit worried so I called to VFS helpdesk in the morning and they suggested to fill another Online application form. I have also asked for a refund for my current application.
FYI, I haven’t sent my documents yet.

Now, I am going to put my residence address as a US address in Online application form (Other address section). And I believe I don’t have to give Indian address proof since my old passport has the same address on it. Correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you!

Hi Bhakti!!

Is there a specific format or anything for notarized undertaking ? I need to send that for my mothers indian passport renewal from USA ! And I have put my mothers indian address on the application form online ( address to be printed on passport and same address on other address details)

Hi Jayshree, I’m not sure I understand your question. The norization has to be done by notary. They will follow their procedure to notarize your documents. I do know you have to provide an India address and a US address in online form - See VFS document check list where it clearly states so.

On VFS checlist, its contradictory, its says it can be same india address as well on both fields!

Maybe u can send them a message on Twitter- that is the fastest way to get a response from them

I have the same issue. I mentioned Indian address on both columns in the application to be printed on the passport but I mentioned my US address in Annexure E and affidavit for change of appearance/signature form. I am going to send the proofs for both addresses since it is contradictory in the checklist.
Do you have any update on the issue?

Yes so i sent the proof for both address! I dont have any update on it but when i called vfs , they said that should not be an issue so hoping that it should be fine!

Great! Thanks for the update. I hope that should not be an issue as long as they have proofs for both.

Hi Parisha, I wanted to check in with you to see if there was any issue. I have Indian address to be printed on my both columns in my application and no US address. But I have US address proof for the delivery address for Fedex. so should I mention US address for Annexure E and affidavit for change in appearance ad signature?