Advance Parole - Safe - Transit Countries/ Airlines

Hi all, I have expired H1b/ spouse h4 stamp…
Our AOS is pending. Received AP, so we are planning to travel and come back on AP.
We both have valid Canada visa stamp (if it helps). We also have valid H1B/ H4 extensions (I797) - but dates are a challenge for stamping.

Has anyone recently traveled back to USA on AP?
I want to make sure I do not pick any airport/ airlines which will create a problem:

Thanks in advance

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Any help please :pray:

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Best is to travel through middle east or direct flight.

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Any particular reasons to avoid Europe?

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Most European nations have similar requirements/exceptions.


Tjank you.

I am not worrying about need for transit visa.

I have a canadian visotor visa (depending on location it may or maynot work) and if needed will apply for the transit visa before leaving…

I am more concerned about the airport or airlines creating a fuss about the AP card due to lack of knowledge (atleast thats what i feel the general sentiment is).

If the airport staff are generally understanding on the AP, then i am all good.

Anyone recently travelled via EU airports using AP to come back? Pls share. :pray:

Which flight did you end up picking? I heard Amsterdam was not requiring transit visa.

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Also, has anyone traveled via Minnesota/St Paul Airport as Port of Entry on Advance Parole? I am not sure if immigration happens at MSP airport.

I didnt have to travel via AP. Last i heard Amsterdam is safe with AP