Affordable Connectivity Program & Green Card

Recently, I entered some basic info (firstname, lastname, dob etc) on Affordable Connectivity Program application page on an internet service provider website called Spectrum to see if it can reduce internet bill. I expected the application page to ask for household information as well but it did not and it directly submitted an application with just basic info. Couple of days later, i got an email that the application was approved and now there is a $30 credit on my internet bill. From an household income stand point, I do not qualify for that.

Does anyone know if this will have an impact on my green card application (because looks like this program is for people with low income) ?


As per the guidelines, this is a federal assistance program and may or may not be a factor for the green card in the future.

If I was in your place, I would not opt for it as it is meant for a low-income family and you certainly won’t be able to defend it if questioned in future (you never know when they may change the rules!)

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To add to what Anil just mentioned, there could also be fraud charges/ penalties for fraudulently claiming any Federal benefits, something to keep in mind.