AILA USCIS lawsuit Coronavirus questions & Answers

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This will be a good relief if goes well.

Is there an end date for COVID-19?

I mean end of COVID-19 emergency declaration by Trump.

Is this applicable for H1B Maxout?

It is applicable for all legal visa statuses.

I recommend to file H1B to B2 change of status before you complete 6 year max out and then stop working once you reach 6 year mark.

I do not whom the AILA group consulted before it did that. I think they are getting undue visibility which could take what they are trying to achieve the south … just my POV

Will it include 240 day rule?

Does this include H4-EAD and L2-EAD as well?

The lawsuit has just been filed. There is nothing final yet.

Hi - Anil Gupta:
Do Both parties have to discuss in person in dc court?
What are the winning chances on this lawsuit? and if yes by when?

Yes, the court case be go on trial if USCIS does not accept the AILA requests.

We do not know what will happen ultimately.

Remember orgainizations like AiLA is doing this because it impacts their income they have never been supportive to Indian immigrants. They have been silently working against S386.