Amend 2019 Tax return to change H4 ITIN to SSN

I filed my 2019 Tax Return as ‘Married Jointly’. I’m on H1B with SSN but my wife was on H4 with ITIN when I filed the 2019 Tax return.

Now, my wife’s H4 EAD is approved and she received a SSN card.

Please advise if I’m eligible for stimulus check or if I need to file an amendment for 2019 using SSN for my wife?

You can file amended tax return with H4 SSN if you want.

But, i guess it might be too late now as the bill has already passed and Trump said they will send checks within 3 weeks.

I am not sure if they have already selected the people or they will do it in next two weeks or so.

You can give it a try.

Hello Kenshin

Did you find any other way or a solution to get the stimulus check . I have got same situation have SSN for past 3 years but with not valid work authorization recently changed in to valid work authorization filed the tax before I received the replacement card .