Annexure E - filling questions

I am trying to fill the Annexure E for my indian passport renewal. The boxes are smaller than the name of city I live in and the DOB is also fitting in. My fathers name and my husband name is also not fitting in the space given. Can you suggest to fill the form on a computer? Or should I write the details with my pen on it ? and fill it manually.

Thanks in advance.

It is your choice to write by hand or not.

Does taht mean hand written is acceptable ?

The consulate replied. You can write the form with a pen . I have submitted the application. But I wait . I misunderstood that the application cannot be done in Tatkal if I am submitting Change of Appearance, but this is a mandatory form and could be submitted under Tatkal .

I will update various stages here .


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Hi! So yesterday, I checked my application using VFS global portal and it said that my application is on hold because Annexure E is missing.
Now I have filled the form but I cannot mail the document as I haven’t received any email from VFS Global. Did you receive an email for Annexure E?

I submitted the Annexure E with my initial application. I have not received any email from the consulate. Let me know what happens next in your case.