Answer to "Is your parent (in case of minor)/spouse a government servant"

For the questions of “Is your parent (in case of minor)/spouse a government servant” - Yes/No

My parent is a government servant, however I’m not a minor.
My spouse is NOT a government servant.

So I will answer this as ‘No’ since even though my parent is a govt. servant, I’m not a minor. Can someone please fact check me on this. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s right. Select No.


Hi I have answered Yes and submitted the application. Downloaded the courier labels where it has the Ref number which is same as the number on Indian Passport renewal application confirmation. How to correct this, as my application has to be sent through mail applying in US.

Can I still create a new renewal application and use the shipping label which has old ref number?
Can I get a refund?

Please answer. Thanks