Any chance of Invite as an Accountant (General) or Auditor with 75 Points (189) / 80 Points (190)

Hi Anil. I just want to get an honest reply to this query. I want to know whether I am just wasting my time or not. I had lodged EOI as an Accountant (General) under 189 with 75 points and 190 (NSW) with 80 points in March 2019. I have also lodged as an External Auditor with same points in April 2019. My points break up is as follows ;
Age : 30 points
Qualification : 15 points
Experience : 15 points
Spouse : 5 points
PTE : 10 points
for 189 : 75 points
For 190 : 80 points

Cutting it short , since you guys are following the trend for past 1-2 years. What do you reckon ? Is there any chance of getting invite with this score or am I just expecting too much ?

The chances of invite with 75 /80 points are low in both 189 and 190 at this time.

You should try for at-least 80 points to have any realistic chance of invitation.

Hmm… Sounds fair. I must start preparing for obtaining the other 10 points from PTE then.

Anyways Thanks a lot

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Hi Anil, I search through your previous post an I saw the cut off for an Accountant is 90 points, does that mean even if I submit my application this year I can’t be invited at all?

Hi @Sadiya_Musa

The points requirement keeps changes throughout the year with each draw.

I suggest to create your EOI with whatever points you have and then try to increase the points on the side.
This way, your profile is at-least in the pool and may receive an invite if the point requirement goes down.

Hi Anil.

Continuing the previous discussion forward. I tried to improve my score further and finally succeeded in getting the same with English language score. My present points status is as below ;
Age : 30 points
Qualification : 15 points
Experience : 15 points
Spouse : 5 points
English (PTE): 20 points
for 189 : 85 points
For 190 NSW : 90 points
I have applied under two ANZCO Codes namely Accountant (General) as well as External Auditor and four EOIs total (2 for 189 & 2 for 190). What are the chances and probability now ?

Hi @Arjun_Dogra

You have very good chance of invitation in July 2019 with 85 points in 189.

Thanks for the info. Really appreciate !

Hi Anil

No invitation received this month under 189. Any idea about cut offs as of now for accountants/auditor . And what about NSW nomination ?

Hi @Arjun_Dogra

I am not sure what was the real cut off in July draw.
Will share as soon as i hear about it.

Hi @Anil.Gupta Anil, any chance of being invited @ 90 points as an accountant? The breakdown is Bachelor degree =15
2 Years study in Australia= 5
Age= 30
Professional Year=5
English= 20
Ccl = 5
Single points=10
I have also lodged EOI as an External Auditor. Just wanna know my chance of being invited. Regards, Edwin

Chances are low for an invite with 90 points for accountant field at this time.