Any luck with Tracking the Passport application after submitting to VFS Global

I have submitted my Passport for renewal. But not sure how to track it. Ass per VFS website
The link for tracking is
It never worked for me, Does anyone has any idea ?

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Maybe this post can help: Issues with Indian Passport renewal via VFS Global - #190 by Sreedevi_Raman

It says to use the Govt ARN not VFS application number for tracking. Please let me know, if this works or not.

Thanks @Protyush_Sahu,
I tried with all those but still no luck.

Use the Govt Ref number that looks like 20-2002xxxxxx
For me it says You application is under process at the VFS Centre


Have you by any chance tried tracking from govt. of india site ?


Yes i tried that also, same status as initially created the Application.

Did any of you get tracking statuses for your application. I dont have any tracking status yet. It says “invalid input” on all combinations I tried.

I ended contacting VFS through their contact page and they resolved it.

Can you give any information on how this was resolved?. I get the same error “invalid input”.
Tried entering Govt reference number and also tried VFS reference number

Can you please share what was the resolution?

What do you mean resolved it ? was there any issue in tracking also :D.
VFS Sucks !!!

To resolve,
You have to contact VFS @
And specify the Application Number (Both VFS as well as Gov Website ) Name and Previous Passport number

Meanwhile you can track the status here Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates
For me untill VFS resolved the issue the Gov website was showing Passport printed and sent .
So i got passport within 2 day’s of Gov website updated status.

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when I was tracking my application status here at, I see “Invalid request” error message. Is there any other option to check my passport status. Please let me know.

I experienced the same issue, and i ended up sending them an email and they mentioned that i have to wait for 2-4 business days. After that duration passed, it got automatically fixed.



I am getting the same error,one week back my application was received by VFS. Do they send status by email ??
In how many days,you received your passport after submitting the application?

Similar experience as others. Status changed to “Under process” from “Invalid input” after 10 days. I did send multiple emails to enquire about the status in between. Not sure if its because of the emails or because its their usual processing time. Anyways, I wish they fix it. Its unnerving to send original documents like passport and have no acknowledgement.

Any update on your application?

I collected my passport and when I track my application it say invalid inputs …why is it so can you help me