Any risk of H4EAD being rejected since she is out of country?

Hey - I have filed H4EAD for my wife couple of weeks back, but she had to travel to India for a family emergency after the application is filed. Is there any risk of application being rejected since she is out of country?

may not be.
H4 extension/COS may get rejected but not EAD as far as i know.

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Thanks @venkat5121 for your response

My attorney has notified me that they have filed H4 EAD for my wife on 21st June(Friday), but the USCIS website is showing that case was received on 24th June(Monday) and a receipt notice has been sent. In the mean time, my wife had to travel to India on 23rd June( Sunday) for some family emergency. Do you see any risk of this application not getting approved?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @sau30aug

I merged your question on this page as it already has an answer for your question.

Thanks Anil. We have received her EAD approval last week.

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