ANZSCO difference between Analyst Programmer vs Developer Programmer

Hi All,

Can you help me with the difference between ANZSCO code ‘Analyst Programmer’ vs ‘Developer Programmer’ vs ‘Software Engineer’?
I recently received a positive assessment from ACS for ‘Analyst Programmer’, but found that immigration had released ‘Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List’ as part of post covid economic recovery strategy which has ‘Developer Programmer’ and ‘Software Engineer’, but not ‘Analyst Programmer’. The reason why I chose ‘Analyst Programmer’ is due to my current 457 Visa which is granted for Analyst Programmer, so I thought it would be good to apply with the same to ACS.

Can I raise another ACS skills assessment for ‘Developer Programmer’ as most of my work roles and responsibilities are in relation to software development?

Will there be any issues having two assessments from ACS?


You can try another assessment.

Hello @Mohaideen_Samsudeen

Have you received your PR and how did you go with your ANZSCO change plan

Thanks in advance:)