Appearing for a Dropbox appointment while another petition is in progress

I have booked a Dropbox appointment next month in India with an I797 approval from company X. This appointment was booked earlier this year.

Now I have an opportunity to change employer. Petition has not been filed yet.

I have two questions.

  1. Can I still attend the Dropbox appointment with the company x approval? If the new employer petition is in progress next month? Will there be an issue if the new petition gets approved before I attend the appointment.

  2. If I was able to get the approval for the new employer before the Dropbox appointment, can I update my ds160 and use the same Dropbox appointment.

Please clarify.


You can only submit the ‘approved’ petition for visa.

If the petition is pending, embassy might issue form 221g or deny straight away.

You can create a new DS160 with newly approved petition and submit in your current dropbox appointment.

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