Application rejected vfs - some wrong things in application on tatkal


I applied for my Indian passport renewal in tatkal to Houston consulate and I realized I have made a few mistakes on my application form like I gave my USA phone number for Indian address instead of my family (Indian phone) . Also, I didn’t choose personal particulars change even though i added spouse name. VFS received my application today and I am sure they will reject it due to mistakes in form.

If the application is rejected, will they send it back to me? how long will it take for vfs to send it back? anyone who got their application back in 2 to 3 days as I live 50 miles away from Houston.

Is there an advantage to apply in person and submit documents to vfs? what happens in in person ? do they verify right there?

Any input is appreciated. I am a little tensed as I needed the passport soon and I made mistakes. :frowning:

Hi … to add spouse name in passport for first time at the time of passport renewal did you submit any proofs like marriage certificate?

Hi I made the same error. Did not select spouse name under ‘change in existing personal particulars’ but added spouse name. Did you get any issue for this?

No. It is printed now. No issues

thanks for confirming @sinn

I submitted marriage cert

okay thanks for replying

I heard from people that they got issues when they submitted only marriage cert. Need to submit spouse passport too. if you haven’t sent it already, submit it too.

Okay thanks for the information. My spouse passport already has my name on it. So can I just submit copy of my spouse passport alone without submitting marriage certificate?