Applied for H4 while H1B stamping is pending with 221g

Hi Anil,

I received 221g white slip in September 2023. This is my first H1B. Prior to this, I was on F1 visa and had a change of status from F1 to H1B. I entered the USA on H4 visa and then changed to F1 visa. I submitted all the requested documents a month later. It’s been 6 months since I submit the documents. As there is no response from the consulate, I went ahead and applied for H4 visa using the dropbox option on February 29, 2024. Last week, h4 dropbox status changed to refused, and I received 221g to appear for an interview. Meanwhile, on Friday, I got an email from the consulate to submit the latest LCA for my H1b application. Should I wait for the H1B 221g response or proceed with the H4 interview? Will there be any impact on H1B 221g due to H4? What do you suggest?

I suggest to submit the H1B LCA as well as appear for H4 interview too.

Just answer the questions truthfully and there should be no issue.

Thank you, Anil for your quick response. Any idea will they ask me to withdraw my H1B application during the interview?

Hi Anil,

My H4 visa is approved. The interviewer did not ask me to withdraw the H1B application. I am planning to travel to the USA on H4. Should I withdraw my H1B application or leave it as is until H1B 221g administrative processing is complete?


You can leave H1B application active as withdrawal means you will lose the money.

Once they call you for submitting the passport, you will get H1B visa stamp too.