Apply for F1 after I-140 to pursue full time MBA

I want to pursue a full-time MBA program for Fall 2022 from top 10 school. Right now I’m on H1B (4 years complete). My PERM processing has been initiated by my employer now but the PERM has not been filed yet. If things go as planned then I may be able to get my I-140 by end of this year.

  1. Can I convert to F1 after getting an I-140 with my present H-1B? Are there any chances of denial?

  2. If I am granted an F1 visa and I pursue my program for 2 years, can I reuse my H-1B and I-140 after the program completion?

  3. If I do not convert to F1 and instead pursue a part-time MBA program, will I be able to use my current H-1B in the event that I get into a different line of work, like consulting?

I suggest to read this:

Hey! I graduated from one of the top ten Mba schools this spring. I changed from h1b to f1. I have now applied for h1b to start my full time job. To answer your question, you can capture the remaining time on your h1b.
The tricky part is filing I140. I do not recommend doing it as f1 is a non immigrant visa while I140 is immigrant intent. You cannot have two different intentions at the same time. A friend of mine did his MBA with H4 visa because of the same reason. You are eligible to study full time with h4
It is very difficult to switch careers using part time MBA. At least at my school, all on campus interviews and networking events are for full time students only.

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That’s awesome. Can you give me your email so that I can ask you more details about how to do it?

Hello cfcalone

I am also planning for a similar strategy of moving from h1 to f1 (MBA) and then to h1, I have 2 years left on my h1. could you please send me your email or messenger details.?
I would like to get some questions answered.

Appreciate it. Thanks in advance,