Applying extension and travelling back in 6 months

Scenario 1
my Mom is here in USA for 6 months on B2 VISA, need opinion on what is the best approach here, if we apply for extension now and get in approved for additional and she continues to stay with us for 12 months, later leaves back to home country and stay there for 6 months, can she come back after to US after 6 months of stay in home country, if so will she get permit for 6 months on her next visit ? ( duration in home country is 6 months and duration in USA is 12 months prior) please let me know

Scenario 2

if my Mom leaves US after her first 6 months of stay and if she comes back in 3 months will she get entry for 6 months again ?

Please assist really appreciate your help in this matter…

If it is B2 with multiple entries, generally speaking there is no issues with frequent visits however frequent visits with longer stays, say up to 6 months, may attract more scrutiny from the CBP at port of entry. In such cases, you may be denied entry or get issued with shorter validity I-94.

Also it is not advisable to extend B2 beyond 6 months of stay unless there is a compelling reason such as health issues that hinder travel.

Not to forget the IRS rule for substantial presence test that makes one treat as resident for US tax purpose and may be obligated to file a tax return, even if on B2 visa.

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