Applying for a New Passport when H4 extension in Progress

My Son Passport is expiring by Sep 5 2020 and my H1 Transfer in Progress and now i have upgraded that to premium now . So in the current situation i expect my Son H4 should take a minimum of 5 month , so in this time can i apply for his new Indian passport as its due for expiry by Sep 2020
What are the next step of action should take to reflect his Visa approval ?

Hi @meenasmriti1901

You won’t be able to send any new passport information to USCIS unless they ask for it via RFE.

It is better to get the passport renewal first and then apply for H4 extension if you want. Otherwise, file the extension and then renew the passport while it is pending.

It does not affect the approval time validity. The only thing that might be shortened is i94 expiry. In most cases, i94 is also given for full 3 years by USCIS.