Applying for H4EAD standalone & transfer


We are applying for H4EAD standalone with current employer.

I have a chance to switch and apply H1 + H4 + H4EAD (Concurrently premium).


Should I apply for H4EAD twice?


Should I skip either of them?

Will H4 transfer cause RFE/issues?


You shouldn’t, why waste $$$?

If you dont plan on working you may not apply for EAD at all.

H4 is a derivative of H1B and not employer sponsored so the term to use is extension of H4 status and not transfer. If your application is documentary complete and H1B primary applicant is in valid status, there should be no RFE.

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Thanks for the reply.
Don’t worry about $$$$, everything is company sponsored.
Perhaps my question was misinterpreted. I meant, will there be an issue if H4EAD gets applied twice?
I think you answered it in the last section though, so thank you.