Approved I-140 - Job location change with same employer


I have an approved I-140 with my employer for a location A with a PD April 2012 EB2 category. If I switch to location B with the same employer and in the same position, should the PERM process restart for location B?

Do I need to move to location A when priority date becomes current and at the time of filing AOS (I-485)?
If yes, what is the minimum time I need work at location A so there are no issues with the green card process?


A new PERM and i140 might be required if location B is outside the location A MSA.

  1. You can file i485 without moving to location A. You can move to location A once the green card is finally approved.

  2. Or, your employer can file i485J for location B once i485 has been pending for more than 180 days.

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For how long I have to work at Job location A after green card approval? Also, my employer has extended WFH indefinitely. So, does your answer of working at original PERM filing location changes


Hi Anil,

Can you please provide some advice for below scenarios.
PERM, EB-2, I-140 Approved for Location-A. PD=09/2012.
I always worked remotely, I moved to Location B for personal reasons.
Currently working with same employer, same duties at Location B which is a different MSA (200 miles away from location A).

  1. Can I downgrade to EB-3 and file I-485 concurrently without moving to Location A?
  2. If I-485 is approved within 180 days, do I need to move back to location A?
  3. If I-485 is pending for more than 180 days, then can I file I-485J for location B?

You can file EB3 downgrade for Location A if the employer is ready to provide sponsorship for the job at location A with EB3 i140 application.

There is no official rule to move back to location A once GC is approved as far as I know. People can also leave the job immediately getting the GC and do anything they want.

I485J can also be filed if you want to port the pending i485 to Location after 180 days.

Hi Anil, I really appreciate your quick response. This is really helpful.

Hi Anil ,

Thanks for sharing your insights - It was not very clear to me so posting this again

My scenario

PERM EB-2, I-140 Approved for Location-A. PD=02/2018

I am planning to work remotely from location B on same job by filing the h1b amendment and have option to return to location A

  1. Do I need to refile my perm/i140 for location B

  2. If its not needed do I need to return to location A when my priority date is current and work at location A for some amount of time