Approved I140( Employer A) and transfer to new Employer B or C

Hello, Thanks for helping us through this Forum. I just had below question. Could you advise.

Currently I have an approved I-140(Approved 180+ days) with employer A. I got a new offer from Employer B and H1B transfer approved but Employer B will be starting my Green card process only after 1 year, so which may result getting my I-140 approved with Employer B nearly up to 1-2 years from now with all PERM , ads etc., and if I-140 filed through Normal process.
Meantime if I want to join Employer C and if they are ready to file I-140 as soon as I join. Can I still use my currently approved I-140 from Employer A for my H1B transfer and I-140 porting can be done?

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Thanks Anil!! It helps a lot!