Approx. processing time under Normal processing?

So my parents did get a call from Police station and they personally visited them as well.


@raji1 Raj I do want to mention that one of my friend who is in similar situation as u r, he got an email from Police station since there were just tenants at his native place.

Via email, my friend had to send them some id proof and he was a bit concerned about id misuse.


How much time embassy took to print / dispatch the passport…mine application reached embassy on 30th dec.

2-4 business days assuming Police inquiry already conducted at your Indian address.

Hi Praveen,
Have you received your passport…if yes,when u received your passport…on 16th dec,your passport was in transit state to embassy

In NYC, they took 28 days to send my application to embassy…very much delayed processing in NYC

Hi Mahendra,

Still, I am waiting for child passport to receive, Still, the status says “your application received to embassy and application is in process at the embassy”.

Waiting for the update on this.

when I sent a mail to VFS, they responded it may take 3 weeks at embassy.

Oh…mine application reached embassy on 29th.
Same reply from Vfs team that timeline for embassy is 3 weeks…please let me know when u get your passport

Any update on your application?

I am stuck here,need to travel back

No Update, Still showing the as same status.

" Your application has reached to Embassy" Since DEC 17th. (since almost 20 days).

Hi Mahindra,

Just now I have verified the status at the VFS link “” there it is giving as “Invalid Output”.

and when I verified at the government site “Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates” there it saying as "Print has been initiated for passport."

This is strange…any police verification happened?

Today, I got a call from my bro from India, that he has received a message that they are going to come for verification, keep all the documents ready.

Means things are happening in parallel.

Police verification in India has been completed and I got a mail from VFS " Your application has been dispatched via courier" Maybe in the next 48 hours I will receive my daughter’s passport.

I received my passport on 13th jan