Asking the experts - Visa 491 processing

Hello mates!

Long story short; been waiting for my visa for 20 months… applied on May 2022 => been in and out of the standard processing time twice…

Had 1 CO contact to re-do medical on August 2023 (after 15 months) => cleared…

My status is further assessment since day 1

When I received my invite back on May 2022, I was under the impression that Australia is in need of migrants, and that the standard processing time back then was 9 months for 90% of applicants => went ahead and informed my employer that I might leave soon (out of good faith) => got promoted, salary increased, got a managerial title, and received other benefits (guess my employer wanted me to stay) => now I’m being looked at as a swinger, and that I was bluffing to gain some benefits :sweat_smile:

I am offshore and applied for a trade occupation (ICT Support Technician NEC) which is a non-priority.

If I may ask the experts here:

1- Does a CO contact for medical means that all other aspects of my application have been looked at and determined to be with no problems, or will a CO contact me again for another issue like an employment evidence or something else that could furthermore delay my grant?

2- Is there anything I can do to poke them and make them look into my 20 month-old application?

Frustration, disappointment, and the wait is killing me!

Thank you :slight_smile: