August 2019 Round

Hi Anil,

Do you have any information on this month’s round? I have heard that they only gave around 100 invites again this year.


Has anyone got an invite for 261311 job code with 80 points and date of effect as end of May (26th May or later)

@Alfira_Ariani That’s the news and they have invited only for 85 points is what’s been heard…

I have also heard about only 100 invites.

No one has reported any invite to me directly yet though.

Any reason for the low number of invitations? A technical issue or are they waiting for new rules to be activated in Nov? I’ve seen only one invitation in Myimmitracker…

If the 85 is true for August, when can I get an invite with a score of 75/80 for 189/190. I submitted my application on 8/12. Thanks!

This is for Analyst Programmer - 261311

Hi @Anil.Gupta

You are the best source of information to us.
Whenever there is more clarity, could you please let us know whether such low number of invites were because of technical issues or whether it will remain as a trend till the new point system is in place in November?


Hi @Karan_Kohli

Thanks for the kind words.

I will share as soon as i get any credible information.

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Is there any reason behind giving only 100 invites a year. I have been searching for some more information about this but got nothing on it.

Hi @James72

There is no official reason shared by Australia immigration. The widespread expectation is that they are trying to save the new invites for new system that starts in Nov 2019.

Hi @Kartik_Patel

5+ months based on August draw.

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And for 190 NSW with 80 points for 262113?

Is there still a chance for invite for 75/80 points for Analyst Programmer, either for 189 or 190? DOE is August 2019.

Is it required work experience for partner or Only positive skill assessment is enough to get 5 points ?
Because in DIBP website it is mentioned that partner have positive skill assessment in nominated skills, not for 485 skill assessment. I am confused, please help me.

It depends on the assessment agency if they require mandatory work experience to give positive assessment or not.

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