Australia 189 / 190 PR Documents, Form 80 Questions & Answers

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Hi Ashish,

Do we need PF statement as well, as part of documentation.

Ranjith Gopalankutty

HI @Ranjith_Krishnan

Please read the linked article. It has the complete list of required documents.

Not sure who is Ashish here.

Apologies Anil meant you name sorry about that. From the list of documents there is no mention of pf statement, so is it not required then?
Thanks for your help

If its not mentioned in the list of documents, it is not required.

Many people suggest to upload PF statements but they are not really required unless asked specifically by Case Officer.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the good work.

I am applying for VIC SC190 Visa, I have worked in 3 organizations in the past 10 years 2 of them outside India. EA had only approved my current employment (10 points) as I was not able to show adequate proof for the remaining two companies. Now when lodging visa application do I need to upload proof of employment for all the companies or current employment.

If all 10 years proofs are required what documents will suffice this requirement.

Many thanks.

Hi @rahuldinesh

You can upload any releiving letters, payslips, bank statements or tax return documents to prove Employment in those companies while filing your visa application.

Hi Anil, Thanks for the swift response.

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HI Anil,

Thanks for your reply, is there any issue if we move to a different country for job after filing the VISA application?

Also, do you know the percentage of people getting direct visa grant is higher or the other way around?



Hi @Ranjith_Krishnan

No issue in moving to other country.
Lot of people get direct grant if you papers are complete.

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Hi Anil,
I have offshore work experience from 2008 till 2019 for which I have all years payslip, appointment and release letter (wherever applicable) and bank statement. I have form 16 from 2011 FY till 2019. Do i need to submit all the form 16 or as you mentioned in one of the article only last 3 years is fine.


Hi @Anil.Gupta,

  1. Payslips and Form16 will only be required for months which are after ACS assessment report?
  2. You mentioned, we can use same notarised document which we use in skills assessment, but ACS website mentions no certification required
  3. Are notarised copies still required for Visa application in 2020?
  4. Since skill letters are soft copies, do we need to get notary done for that too?

Hi @Sanyukta_L, @anil_am22,
any update on the above queries? I have the same questions…

Many people/agents have different views on this. Many say that if you are uploading clear colored scanned copy, then no need of any notarization. Others say that its better to upload notarized copies to avoid any CO Contact. So basically, it all depends on your visa app Case Officer (CO) if he/she asks for notarized copies or not. Better to upload notarized copies as no harm in it.