Australia PR job occupation List 2019 Archive

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How would we know which ANZSCO code Jobs are available at what state in Australia? This information would help submitting the EOI when applying by giving our preference to increase our chance of invitation.

Thank you very much.

The details are given on the same page on our am22tech Australia PR occupation list.

Each job code has the state name given along with it.

Hi Anil,
I am working with stock broking company since last 11 years and my age is 42 years. Recently I had given IELTS exam and got 6.5 band.
I would like to know chances of getting PR visa for Australia(regional/province) also let me know reliable MARA agent/agency.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi @rakeshjoshi

The first step is to find if your job is part of the Australia occupation list or not.

The second step is to find your total Australia points.

Once you are done with these two, come back here and then we can suggest next step.

Hi Anil,

I can’t see 263212 (ICT Support Engineer) open as of now. Do you have any visibility for this as this is 2nd week of July?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gaurav

I do not know when will the job code 263212 will open up next at this time.

Hello Anil

I have a query about SOL LIST Australia 2019-20. For few jobs, under their Anzsco codes the states are mentioned like, NSW etc. But for few codes they are not mentioned.

For eg : 262113. This job code doesn’t have any location/state mentioned under it.
What does it mean?

Could you please clarify it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Priyanka_Kamuni

Where are you looking at this list? Can you share the link and I can have a look?

Hello Anil

It prompts that ‘Sorry new users cannot put the links in posts’.

So I have just pasted the page name below. Hope you will be able to access it.

aus australia-pr-skillselect-job-occupation-list

The page was last updated on Nov 19th.

My job code : 262113.

Ok…got it.

If the state name is mentioned, then it means that the job code is available on that state’s 190 visa occupation list too.

So since the state name is not mentioned for 262113 , it is not available in any of the states? Is that so?

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

I suggest to look at the state specific website too as this list may not have all state’s information on am22tech site.

As per NSW state website, it is there with Medium availability and No special criteria. But the page was lastly updated on 6th Nov.
I want to understand if that availability has been changed after Nov 16th(as per new points table).

Also I heard that demand for the jobs keep changing every month. How and where do I check for 262113 job demand status?

Would be of great help if you can help me in this regards.

Thanks in advance Anil.

You will be able to check demand status on NSW website itself on same NSW page. They only share the demand status as ‘low’, medium or high.