Australia PR Points - Q&A - Archive 2019

Thanks Anil. One more question please. What exactly will happen on 16th Nov? Will the points get updated to all the married folks automatically? [because am not sure how this will happen as there is currently no provision in EOI to update my spouse’s PTE score alone without her being skilled]. Will everyone’s DOE become 16th Nov?

The EOI will be automatically updated.

If you want the spouse English points, you may have to update your EOI manually.

I am expecting that online Skillselect system will be modified to allow it.

Hi Amit,

I would like to know with less than 1-year experience outside of Australia, and with 75-80 points, would I will able to apply for Australia PR.

Here is my points sceanrios
spouse points-15


Hi @manoj9k

Are you sure you are calculating the points correctly? Please recheck the points using this PR points calculator.

I cross checked using your calculator, it is becoming 70… but after nov 2019, it should be 75 as spouse points will increase to 10.

My question is now, will i able to apply Australia PR if I have less then 1 years experience.

Primary 234211 - MLTSSL
Spouse- 261399 - MLTSSL

Hi @manoj9k

You can apply PR as long as your points are at-least 65.

The invite depends on the higher points though. The minimum points for which we expect an invite to be sent after Dec 2019 onwards is 80 and then 75 starting Jan 2020.

You will have fair chance with 75 points and may have to wait till April 2020 for an invite.

@Anil.Gupta Hi Anil ,We are a married couple based in India .We have got 65 points in Total , My wife is the primary applicant and she is a CA and works with Credit Suisse ,Can you tell us the possibilities for Austrailia PR Visa ??

Hi @Kritesh_j

Unfortunately, there is no chance of invite with 65 points at this time.

You would need somewhere around 85+ points to have any realistic chance for accountant job code.

Hi Anil,
My EOI under 189 is presently lodged at 80 points including 5 points of spouse (with competent english and skilled employment assessment). Assuming that the score will automatically become 85 after Nov 16, is there still any chance of invite under this Job code?

@Anil.Gupta Thanks for replying anil. So actually my wife has not worked as an accountant but has a experience of more than 5 years in Credit suisse which is a financial services company bank headquartered in Switzerland.
She is 30 years old, she has 6 years of experience, sL
Spouse points I have got 5 points, Spouse points she has 5 from me, What are the criteria if she scores 75 above, which visa should we apply to

Hi @Kritesh_j

The first step is to choose the ANZSCO code for your wife and then we can suggest anything. Both 189 and 190 PR visa options are available.