Australia PR Points - Q&A - Archive 2019

Hi Anil.Gupta - If I have done my BE in EnTC and an MBA in Telecom Management,and I have work ex of 5 years in IT as a Business Analyst… Will my work ex be considered for PR application? i. e will I get 10 points for it?

Hi @Suraj

I do not know what EnTC means.

I cannot say if your work experience matches your education simply on the bases of degree names.

Sorry Anil. By EnTC I mean, Electronics and Telecommunications. I have work ex as a Business Analyst for 4 yrs. Overall 5 years of work ex. Will that be counted for Aus PR?

Also I do have a 457 visa and have worked in Aus for 6 mnths. Will that also help in any way?

Hi @Suraj
The work experience and education should match to get positive assessment. The match is done based on the subjects you studied.

You should first get the assessment and then we can suggest anything.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I have lodged my application with 70 points as an ICT Security Specialist. My current visa is going to be expired on 1st December 2019.

According to your experience, please make some comments based on my current situation and I look forward to having some suggestions as well.

I appreciate your efforts throughout the website.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Arif_Ahmed

Have you got the invite?
What comment are you looking for?

Please ask specific question to help me give any meaningful answer.


Should I sit again for PTE or I can wait for few more months?
Just wondering about the chance of getting invitation?


Hi @Arif_Ahmed

I suggest to increase points if you can using English language.

HI Anil,

I have got a peculiar situation. Can you please guide me here,.

I have filed my application for 190 on April 22nd and waiting for CO contact/PR grant, but, i am moving out from current organization in UK and taking up an opportunity in UAE. As per UK employment laws there are no experience certificate or relieving letter, so what should i do, will that be an issue while considering my experience.

And should i notify the government on my new movement, or they consider the documents only up to the point when i filed the visa.


Hi @Ranjith_Krishnan

You will need letter from your employer to prove your employment in UK.

What letter? Roles and responsibilities? Or relieving letter?

Roles and responsibilities?

Hi Anil,

Sorry if my previous question was not clear, but they are saying there is only email reference they can give for any reference required. Not on letter heads.

Bit confused over here, what else we could give as substantiation.



If you have already filed the final visa application, you may not need anything else if you get direct grant.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta

I will sit again and increase the points for English test.

Just want to see the July invitation round before that.

Hi Anil!
I have done my civil engineering post which I worked for 3.5 years with a reputed MNC in India. Then I have completed my MBA in Finance in 2015 post which I am working with a Bank in India for past 4.5 years as a Corporate Finance Analyst. Do I stand a chance any chance for applying under the skilled worker visa program?

Hi @Lakshay_Soni

This information is not enough to judge your PR eligibility. I suggest to first find your job code and the total points and then we can suggest the next steps.

You will find it difficult to get an invitation if you cannot claim spouse points after November 2019 as married people with working spouse will automatically get 5 extra points as compared to today.

Single applicants will gain the most by jumping ahead in queue with 10 points immediately and will have much better chance of invite than today.

If your Spouse has functional English today, I recommend to to improve the score and try to get at-least to competent level to fetch 5 points.

Hi Anil,

I am trying to get skilled spouse points from my wife. She has cleared the English test already, but she has only a couple of years of work experience in India.

Being an electronics engineer, her skills assessment has to be done from “Engineers Australia”.
Could you please tell me if she has to have minimum 3 years of experience to be eligible for skills assessment? or is it good enough if she has done 3 major projects in her college and the companies she has worked in?


Hi @saravan_prathi

I am not aware of the Engineer Australia assessment requirement at this time. Please check their website for details.