Australia PR Points Calculator (with 189, 190 Chance of Invite)

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Australia PR Chance of Invite varies by each ANZSCO code. Based on the current trend for invites and the economic situations created by COVID-19, expect an invite with at least 90 points in most fields. Quick 189 & 190 Invites are sent for: Healthcare Workers – Like Nurses, Doctors. Research profile in Medicine Field The…

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Hie Anil, Iam applying for cartographer. I got positive in assessment with 5.6 years and have relavent master degree. My age is now 32 and in pte I could only score 67.

My spouse also wrote pte and 5 points added. Iam standing with 70 points. Done with EOI 2 days back. Can you let me know how much time does it take to get it picked with my points. Are there any chances of getting picked soon as there is 99% invitations left.

Hi @Sindhuja_Kavya

I can’t really tell if invite will be issued or not.

Dear Anil,

Me and my wife looking to migrate to Australia. since the minimum invitation point increased, our combine points only 65.
I saw your note for quick invites on healthcare:
Quick 189 & 190 Invites are sent for:
** Healthcare Workers – Like Nurse, Doctors.*
** Research profile in Medicine Field*

Me and my wife are in IT development for Healthcare (total healthcare solution for GOV and private) more than 15 years. Does this experience do any advantage on the quick invites?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks you so much.

I don’t think IT worker in healthcare is being considered for priority invites.

With 65 points for an IT specialty/Code, the chances of receiving an invite are minimum tbh. There are people with 85-90 points waiting for a 189/190 invite since pre-covid.

Hi Anil,

My current points for 189 is 80 and for 190 it is 85 and I am a software engineer. With the current Covid scenarios, do you think if I will even get an Invite for any of the above 2 visa categories? If so, what would be the approximate wait time?

Expecting your reply.

Thank you,

Hi @Umesh_Raj_Kanagaraj

Please use the calculator to estimate chance of invite.

Hi Anil, Appreciate your help here

I Am 23 yo and have Done an Online Diploma In Business from registered (rto) organisation in Australia and Hold Cert-4 in Marketing and communication I have part time experience in CSR role for 4 years and Looking forward For state nomination For Customer service manager With points around 70; 80 if I scored well in English

What are my chances of getting Invite …?
How long it may take for invite with the above circumstances for 190, 491…?

Any suggestions from you …??

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To qualify for an Australia PR, you need to fulfill 2 important eligibility factors:

Score minimum points 65 points
Your profile should be on Australia’s demand list.

Hi @anil_am22, I’ve got 95 points for 190 visa and 90 points for 189 visa as of 19/11/2020. Just wanted to know the chances of PR invite. I’m under 261313 (software engineer) role. Please let me know the chances? and expected duration for the wait? Thanks in advance!!

offshore or onshore ?
I think, as an offshore not much chance and could see many people with these points waiting in the quote for long time including us :slight_smile: . Onshore might have better chances !

Onshore. Do you have any expected duration?

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