Australia PR Processing Time - Questions and Answers

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Hi @anil_am22 Anil, Need your advice on my below case.

I’ve got my 190 Invite and got my bridging A visa(Not active) on 3rd June 2021 and I’m currently in Working visa getting expired in Nov 2021. I’m planning to go to India for marriage in the month of Aug(3rd week) and Sep getting married. have got some issues around it . Planning not to come back to Australia for the next 6 months

  1. What will happen to my grant if I didn’t get before I leave Australia? will it be on HOLD? by any chance will they issue? still my application is valid ? on queue? for issuing Grant
    2.if I get my Grant before I leave Aus, how hard to get exemption to travel to India
  2. Without having a Grant , How can we get married? is it gonna be a problem?
  3. do we need to have a first entry to Australia within a stipulated time?

Any best suggestions, please

  1. As and when you move to India, you need to inform DHA of the same and then your application will be considered offshore. Thereafter, it will depend on the CO how soon they process your application. Just a matter of fact, Offshore applications processing time have skyrocketed in the last 1 year. Their priority is to grant onshore applications first.

  2. If you get grant before travelling, then yes you will then have to apply for an exemption. Now, the reason for needing exemption should be very legit and serious which requires urgent travel. I havent seen anyone getting exemption for “marriage” but then again its all on DHA, they are very unpredictable.

  3. Did you claim 10 points for being single? If yes, you legally cannot get married until you get your grant. If you do get married, you might get into trouble and stands a refusal of your application because your claims/points for being single (on the day of receiving invite) will not be true at the time of visa grant.

  4. If you are offshore at the time of grant, the initial entry date will be 1 year from the date of grant. However, due to COVID 19, the dept has put a waiver on the IED and now people can travel any time before their “Do not Arrive After” date (Which is usually 5 years from date of grant).

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Hi Anil, need your advice , we launched 190 visa in June 4th its 1 month now still case officer not assigned, my 482 is still active until next year, my company who sponsored 482 visa will not be in darwin after October they might ask me to move from darwin to Perth or melbourne i am very confused now , if i get my 190 visa by October i will be safer side and other companies are willing to give me job .

What exactly is your query?

what happens if my 482 visa got canceled my bridging visa is not active if my company ask me to move i ha e to move from
darwin to some other state if not i have to resign the company in which case my 482 will get cancelled

Can you please write your situation in points and use full stops?

You are writing everything in one line which makes it difficult to understand what you are telling and what you are asking.

nt state nomination for 190
occupation : system administration
points : 70
eoi: jan 15 2021
invitation received: may 26 2021
applied visa : june 3 2021
currently : bridging visa A but 482 active till september 2022

wanted to check if i can get visa before oct 2021

submitted all documents including pcc on 7th july

kindly suggest

Nobody can give you the exact timeline as to when you will receive your grant as it depends solely on the CO and the complexity of each case. But being onshore, your chances (of receiving an earlier grant) automatically are high since DHA is focusing on clearing all the onshore applications at the moment.

do we need stay here until we get 190, can we move to different state and come back once we get 190, will it be problem for visa ?

hi everyone, i have question, Can we move to some other state and come back to nominated state once 190 visa is granted, currently i am working on 482 visa, Please suggest me.