Australia PR Processing Time Questions and Answers

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Hi Anil,

I have got the invite on 11-Feb-2019 and had submitted my documents on 23-Feb. I haven’t heard anything back on my application and status is still showing ‘Received’.

Your views about when I would get 189 grant?


Hi @Scorpion_King
My views are already given in the article. It has been written after analysis of what people are reporting on various forums and whatsApp groups.

Hi Mate,

Thanks for your reply. I think if that is the case, it may vary from case to case.
My colleague has submitted his application on 24-FEB and has received the Visa grant on 10-May i.e. less than 3 months. Fingers crossed.

Off course it varies by each case. The timelines that i have given are averages of multiple cases.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I got an invite on 11 Jan 2019 and have submitted my application on 1 Feb 2019. It has been 3.5 months but have not received any query nor the grant. When can I expect my grant?

Hi @meetkshah
I cannot estimate each case separately. Please use the timelines mentioned on my article as a guidance.

I have written those times based on what other people are getting a grant.

Hi Anil,

I have got the invite on 5-12-18 for Visa 190 and had submitted my documents on 08-Jan-19. I haven’t heard anything back on my application and status is still showing ‘Received’ even after 4 months.

Your views about when I would get 190 grant? By when I can expect a CO to be assigned to my application.


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Hi @SAT14

I have given the details of when to expect the PR approval here. Please estimate it yourself.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I am new here and it might be off the topic question but it would be really great help of your insights on my query.

Currently I am in US on H-1B and my max out is in next year, I am looking to start Australia 190 PR process for ANZSCO code 261314 (Software Tester for Victoria state).

Could you suggest any immigration agent / consultancy in US to contact and start the process from scratch.

Hi @milan_qa
I do not have any agency to recommend at this time.

We do help with the Australia PR process for fees if you are interested. Send us an email at
contact AT am22tech DOT com

Thanks @Anil.Gupta, will contact you.

Hi Anil,

I have created EOI (190)with Software Engineer (261313) code in Dec 2018 with 75 Points. 65+5+5(65+State SponserShi=5 and Spouse points=5). But still didn’t get invitation yet. Could you please help me how long it might take to get an invitation.


Hi @Chowdary_S
Chances are low at this time to get invite in 75 points for state 190 visa until Aug 2019.

The chance of invitation may improve once we see the trend from new fiscal year July 2019.

Thanks Anil for the reply.

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Hi, I submitted 190 Visa under ICT Business analyst category with 80 Points on 30th Mar 2019 with full payment. Medicals were done early April.

Processing times earlier showed 8-10 months and now become 11-14 months. Bit worried to as when I can expect my PR.
Not contacted by any CO so far. Any help?

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Hi @Aparna_V

Do not worry. If you have read my analysis of Australia PR processing time which I assume you did, you will get 190 PR approval soon.

I have given my analysis based on various forums and whatsApp groups where people have reported their case approvals.

Thanks so much Anil.

Hi @Aparna_V. This is the same situation I am in as well. The processing time seems to have changed from 8 - 10 months to 11 - 14 months. Just curious if you have submitted a couple visa or a single one and if you are in Australia already?
I have submitted my visa on 7th Feb with 80 points and claiming points for both me and my partner.

It’s couple visa and I m in India (not Australia) but m claiming points only for myself.