Australia PR under 263111 with 75 points including state nomination

Hi Anil,

What are the chances of getting an invite with 75 points including state nomination for the code 263111. I have yet to submit my EOI.

How can I secure 5 points for my spouse, will his experience also be evaluated from ACS.

Chances are low for state invite for 263111 with 75 points at this time.

You can check if your spouse is eligible for adding points to your application here.

Assessment is required to claim spouse points.

Can i get an invite with 75 points under 189…, i got ACS assessment cleared for open state thats 189

Also my husband hasa bcom degree specialized in finance but works as a system analyst for the past 6 yrs. will he get a positive assessment from ACS

You can expect invite starting July 2019 draw as the new fiscal year starts.

Your husband has good chances of getting a positive ACS assessment if he has all the work experience letters to prove his experience as system analyst.

Thanks for your replies Anil, appreciate it…I just have one more query.

I had initially submitted my documents for ACS assessment and got assessed under 263212 (ICT Support Engineer), this happened because of some miscommunication between me and my agent.

Then I resubmitted by documents under 263111 and got +ve result.

I have a total 13 years of work experience but ACS only considered my current job profile in which i am for the last 9 years and deducted 4 years from it…so i am only getting 10 point.

Can i submit a new acs assessment by updating all my job experience docs.

Hi Anil,

I have got 75 points in 190. What are my chances for getting an invite in 263111?

Hi @tiyaraferns
You can submit as many ACS assessment as you want. But, it will only help you if your total experience matches your ANZSCO code.

Hi @Suchitra_Nath

Please use my earlier answers to estimate your individual case when job code and ANZSCO code are same.

It will save both your and my time.

Hello Anil,
I recently got my Acs done where they deducted my experience from 2014-1017, where as they considered my experience from 2013-2014 and from 2017 till date. May b because of my skill letter. can I ask hem to re access with new skill letter. Becasue my job role is same evrywhere. so that I can get 2 more years and get 5 more points.

Hi @Suchitra_Nath

You will have to file a new ACS assessment if you have a new work experience letter to prove your work.

Hi Anil,

I have submitted 189 for 263111(ict business analyst) on jun 14th with 75 pts and state nomination with 80 pts ( NSw and Victoria). Please advise by when i might receive the invite? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sunitha23
You have good chance of invite in September 2019.

I will have better estimates once July draw results are out.

Thanks for the prompt reply. In October, i will get additional 5 points of experience. Does the points get updated after we receive the EOI invitation ?
Also sep 2019, u predict is for 189 or 190?

Hi Anil,
Hope you are doing good. Based on the july draw, can you please advise on what is the possibility of getting EOI invitarion for 263111(ict business analyst) in sep 2019. I have submitted my applicarion on 14th Jun.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Sunitha23

Official results have not been declared yet.

Oh okie , thanks for the reply

Hi Anil,
I have successfully submitted my EOI for 189 and 190(Victoria) today for 263111(Computer and Networks System Engineer) . I have 75 points for SC 189 and 80 points for SC 190. What are my chances for 189 and 190.? How are the chances after November 16, 2019 and when can I expect an invite?

I have plans to get my wife’s cv assessed for
Contracts Administrator 511111 to get the 5 points for spouse. My wife works as a legal Administrative Assistant and she usually deals with contracts and follow up and office tasks. Can you suggest a good cv sample to understand what all are required in a successful Contracts Administrator cv.


Hi @Ajit_Mathew

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points for 189.
State chances are good with 80 points.

I don’t have any sample CV to share at this time.

Sorry to bother you again. Thank you for the information.
Can you help me with get details of the states that I can apply for SC 190 as an overseas candidate without any Australian experience.

I have only applied for Victoria. When can we expect to get a state invitation.