Australia SkillSelect EOI 189, 190, 489 PR Questions and Answers


233512 was closed in old 489 class. in 491 will there be chances of opening 233512 or not?

Pls.share your ideas.

Hello Anil Sir,

Your earliest reply will be appreciate.

I don’t know if any list will be created for 491. I will share of i come across the new list.

Hello sir,

With 75 points & DOE with Apr`2019, what are the realistic chance if invitation for 233512 for 189 visa subclass?

Hello sir,

new 491 subclass mentioned that family member with PR can sponsor to applicants who are having their ANZSCO code in MTSSOL list. My relative got 190 recently say one month before and living in regional area from last three years. Can he give me additional points as my code in the occupation list ?

Hi @viru

I am not sure if your relative qualifies to sponsor you at this time.

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[Nishant_Kumar] Curious to know, did you get the invite?

Yes i did. In july 2019 round.

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Hi Anil,

Can you please share your mail ID want to connet with your.

Sahil Sood