Australia visa chances 189 and 190 for ICT security, NAATI, PTE expiration question!

Hi Guys,

My PTE expired, as you know DHA only has a 3-year expiration, but however, out of those 3, they closed the entire process for 2 years due to covid, so is there any chance of extension from DHA, has anyone seen any news related to this?

Right now I am at 85(v189) points for the ICT security job code, do we have any cutoffs or any news on the current cut-off for ICT and overall cutoff data since border opening in 2022.

I am also considering getting the NAATI exam done, Hindi to English translation, anyone has done this then pls share their experience, pleaseā€¦!

Too many questions I guess but I just wanted to avoid creating multiple threads and crowding up the forums!

Thanks all!