Australian PR 189/190 under 482 TSS subclass

Hi Anil,
I am holding 482 TSS visa from July 2018 and applying for PR 189/190 under ANZSCO 261313 .
Does Onshore experience counts when we are holding TSS visa?

Hi @Ronit

Onshore Australia work experience should count if you can get a positive assessment for it.

Thanks Anil for your prompt reply!!
I just read somewhere that TSS visa holders are not allowed to file PR before 3 years of employment completion with the same employer.

Hi @Ronit

Can you please share your source and i can verify?

May be he is talking about this.

Medium-Term TSS visa holders who have been working in Australia with the same employer for three years may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency though the Transitional (TRT) Stream.

Based on their postcode being regional or Metropolitan Australia, TSS visa holders will apply through either the Employer Nominated Scheme (186 ENS) or the Regional Employer Sponsored Scheme (187 RSMS).

The employer must be willing to sponsor the candidate for permanent residency under the Temporary Residence Transition stream and must lodge a valid nomination with the Department of Home Affairs (Previously the Department of Immigration).

This is one of the most common pathways to permanent residency and gives you all the PR entitlements

Hi Anil,
Apologies for the late reply.
Below is my source.

They have mentioned that Medium term 482 visa holders may apply for permanent residency after 3 years on their 482 visa.

Hi @Ronit

That does not stop you from applying directly under 189/190 PR skilled points tested scheme if you are eligible.

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Can we apply for 189 /190 if we are in short term 482 visa.