Automatic revalidation by Air between US and Canada

I have expired H1b visa but i94 that came with I797 is valid. Planning to travel from USA to Canada for a week to visit family. Request inputs on below @anil_am22

1 Automatic validation is valid for air ? or it is valid for both air and land border
2 on way back would it be hard to get a boarding pass with expired visa? Not sure if airline staff at check in counter will know us immigration law

Thank you for inputs ! Article explains in detail AVR .However I am not able to find answers for two questions in article.

That means you have not read the article. Even the summary tells that travel by ‘air’ is eligible.

@anil_am22 Is this true in current situation as well? I thought that currently only essential travel and Citizen are allowed to cross the border from Canada to USA.

Travel ban and AVR are two different things. Travel ban is an executive order and supercedes any other travel rule.

Hi Anil,
Could you please guide me here. My situation is something like this.
I traveled to canada from US due to family emergency. It still one week completed. I want to return back to USA now under AVR. I have applied in for visa stamping is canada and no slots till next year. I entered US in 2019 with L2 visa and alter converted into H1. I have valid I797 and I-94 copy as mentioned in your article. Can I travel back now. Does I need check with airline before I book ticket. Also I believe with with out attending visa interview it is not considered as VISA application for renewel. Can you please guide. Appreciate help