Awaiting documents - VEVO details and Birth certificate or Id Proof


My husband ACS got expired this year so filed a new one last month.
Today he received an email for missing document as below:

Please upload the following documents into the Online Application Form:

  • Forms of ID:
    Please provide the following ID in addition to your passport

    • Birth Certificate or Government Issued identity document (which bears the applicant’s photograph)
    • VEVO Details

Last time these documents were not asked and the ACS assessment was positive.
This time is there any modifications done on the documents list?
What should one send as VEVO Details?
Is passport not enough for id proof? what one should send as id proof along with Passport?
Will Aadhar card works?

Puja Sharma

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@anil_am22 Please help here…I have also been asked the same details. The confusion is regarding the vevo details as I have not heard of this document before, nor I have asked for Priority request.

I have no idea about VEVO. Please ask ACS support team.

Hello @Puja_Sharma, Did you figure out why would they ask for it and how did you further proceed providing them?

Thank you,
Jagadeesh Aradhya

Hello @Puja_Sharma @Jagadeesh_Aradhya_SI …I got the same response from ACS today for my skills re-assesment. Did you manage to find out what is meant by VIVO and what docs did you submit for additional proof ?

I will also write to ACS support …but I dont expect any response soon.

Any help would be appreciated !!