B1/B2 extended stay

Hi All

I have submitted extended stay for my mom before 45days of i-94 expiry. Awaiting for biometric schedule via Mail usps. But we never received any notice. Later we realized that they have uploaded the schedule document on Online portal and biometric scheduled date was passed by the time we realized.

So we called USCIS helpdesk and asking for reschedule, they took request and said like anything they will respond in 30days before i94 expiry.

Now the i-94 status is expired, we are yet to hear back from uscis on my ticket.

My mom is still here in usa, expecting USCIS would send us rescheduled appointment.

Any suggestions on this please?


The only way is to call them again and ask for a request number as a proof of your request.

I got the ticket from them. They created this 20 days ago.