B1/B2 Tourist Visa Ceac status stuck at approved but no movement thereafter

I appeared for an in-person interview for the tourist visa (B1/B2) at the Vancouver Consulate, in Canada on the 14th of February 2023. I was told by the V.O. at the end of the interview that the visa was was approved and that it’d take about a week for the passport to return. However, I’ve still not received any updates on it, none at all. Moreover, the status of my application, as on the CEAC visa status tracking website, is stuck at ‘APPROVED’ since the day of my interview. This has been the status as is, ever since I left the Consulate building on the day of the interview. The thing is, it hasn’t moved from there. Both timestamps, that is the case created date and case last updated date have 14-Feb-2023. I’m a bit worried at this point. Some of my colleagues who appeared for an interview at around the same time or a day after me in the Toronto Consulate, have been receiving updates in the form of tracking details of the passport dispatch but mine is stuck at that status. Just for your reference, I’m an Indian citizen and a tourist in Canada. I was supposed to return to India in a few weeks but looks like I might just have to push my return tickets further. Has anybody had any similar experience? Anything to worry ?

what is the current status? its been 8 days and I see the same status “approved”