B1/B2 Visa Extension for 2nd time

Hello Everyone,

My mother she came to USA in May 2020 and she over stayed here for 1.5yrs because of COVID. We applied 1st extension and got approval in Nov 2020 and later we applied for 2nd extension received Biometric Appointment notice on Sep17th 2021 which we MISSED IT because, the notice letter was not delivered to our physical address. I have called USCIS they said i will be receiving another Biometric Appointment notice within 30 days. We thought she can give her Biometerics if it arrives before Oct 3oth because she was returning back to INDIA.My mom left USA on 30th October 2021. When i check my mother’s USCIS case status till now it is not updated and even my mother’s I-94 did not reflect. I have emailed USCIS on Feb 18 2022 explaining he sent an email stating my mom’s biometric will be rescheduled and I will have notice in Case documents. I dont understand what i have to do now??? Mom’s I-94 is not updated nor USICS Case Status is not updated. Kindly help out… Thanks in advance.

Yes … Even I-94 is not updated.

I am unable to retrieve I-94 travel history… its says Not Found

That is really very unlikely. You can contact CBP via email/phone and talk to them re: this issue.