B1/B2 Visa Extension


My parents i94 is valid till end of november and wanted to extend their stay till end of march . Can i provide a reason some thing like, moved to a new home and wanted to spend some more time with Grand Kids . Will USCIS accepts it. i can attach the return ticket copies as well.

Also apart from Return Tickets and my i797 copy and their passport and i94 , what other documents i need to provide. Please suggest .


Hi @Alpha

There is no rule to stop you from filing the extension but my suggestion is to not file it.

Usually, there should be a strong reason like a medical condition that needs continuous treatment or something similar to have a strong basis for the extension.

You can file the extension with your reason but it may or may not be approved. Please use your best judgment.

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Thank you @anil_am22 . If i don;t file an extension , will there be any issue while they leave or if they want to visit in future and also even for my gc process (sounds dumb but still have that question at some corner) . Thank you again for your time !!