B2 tourist visa - administrative review

Hi team.
New to the forum.
I applied for a B2-USA visa and did an interview on 12th of April 2023. After 4 months still no response!
I emailed them a coupe of time but each time I receive a general response.
Is there any timeframe for this visa category?
Some background: I applied from Perth us consulate in Australia. I have visited USA last Oct but with B1/B2 visa. I did the same interview, from the same consulate and went through the same administrative reviewing. But, back then, they granted me the visa in less than a month.

How much time did you stay in the US on your last trip?

Did you overstay your i94 expiry date?

Did you work in the US and got paid on your last trip?

For only two weeks
No I left before the visa expires and i didn’t work there just visited cities