B2 VISA ds160 for in-laws

Hi Anil,
I am trying to fill out B2 VISA DS-160 application for my in-laws. Have these questions in DS-160 form, can you please help me to clarify these

  1. Primary occupation : My father in law (wife Father) is not employed. He has properties(house and shop) on his name where he gets monthly income from that and he also has agricultural lands on his name.
    Previously he used to run groceries store in the shop. Now he is not doing that, gave it for rental.

What we need to select here? We have options like NOT EMPLOYED or OTHER or BUSINESS or RETIRED.

  1. In person paying for trip, I am planning to give my details. It is asking relationship. We have OTHER and OTHER RELATIVE. Can we select OTHER RELATIVE here as we don’t have in law options ?

  2. In US point of contact section, I am planning to give my name. Here Relationship has the options OTHER and RELATIVE. Can I give RELATIVE here?

Could you please clarify me

You can mention the occupation as business (rental).

If you don’t see any specific relationship option, then off course, you should select other.

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