B2 Visa extension due to cononavirus?

Hello Anil,
My Aunty came to US on Jan1st and she is in USA right now. She got her I-94 until end of March. So, we applied for her B2 visa extension(I-539) in the last week of Jan2020 I.e. 1&1/2 month before her I-94 is expiration date which is end of March2020.
Fingerprints are done nearly a month back, no update yet. Due to COVID-19 cases raising in USA and India, she is very much worried about her travel back to India Incase she didn’t get her extension.
She is good if her extension is approved in a week, if not can we apply for extension again having valid Visa though her I-94 is expires?
Her visiting visa is valid for one more year.

Thanks for your advice.


How many days of extension have you already applied for your Aunt’s B2 visa?

If her current i94 expiry is Mar 2020, then she should be able to stay in US as long the extension application is pending.

I requested for 6 more months from Apr1st.
Yes, Until application is in pending status she can stay. But I am worried in case of not approved in the last moment. Can I reapply even after I-94 expires as she has valid visa for 1 more year?

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If you apply again now, you will be doing the same thing again that you have already done. I don’t see any use of reapplying other than wasting money.

If USCIS denies the current pending application, they can and most probably will deny the second one too.

If the B2 extension is denied, then there is no other way. Normally, we recommend to not apply B2 extension.

But, due to Coronavirus, the situation is different and approval chances are good as per my opinion.

Sample B2 extension application cover letter in Coronavirus situation.

Hello Anil,

Thank you very much for your efforts.

My mother’s visitor visa stay expires on 14th May.
We are planning to apply for a B2 visa extension due to travel restriction to India because of corona virus concern.
Does she eligible to file form I-539 online in place of mail delivery?

B2 extension application is eligible for online filing.

Hello @Anil.Gupta
First off - many thanks for sharing your expertise in various areas on the forum .
Secondly, I am also in the same boat as @TKM and want to confirm few things from you guys.
My aunt is the only one person to whom we are applying extension ( current I-94 end date 5th May-2020) because of this COVID-19 pandemic and she is 55 yrs old, I have decieded to file online but later got few doubts as mentioned below. Please take a look

  1. Should i file as interpreter and preparer for my Aunt as she doesn’t speak english?
  2. Will there be option for attaching more documents if we file online - Any specific naming instructions.
  3. Do you happen to have a list of documents which need to be submitted as evidence ( apart from Flight ticket, written letter, Employment Proof, I -134, Her health insurance )
  4. She also has been recommended by her physician to take Physical therapy sessions for hip pain upon inspecting her MRI, should we include a letter from him as well as one of the reasons for extension.

Include as many proofs as you can while applying extension.

You can register yourself as interpreter and preparer.



My mom’s visa expiring on april 24, she was gonna leave on the 22nd and she is not planning on staying, just waiting for the covid restrictions to be over. Does she need to apply for an extension, I do not want to pay 400$ for a couple of mons when she is going to leave right away and also it is not really up to her to be overstaying.


Hi @Daria_Andriievska

If she plans to stay in US beyond April 24, then i suggest to apply the extension to avoid issues of unlawful presence.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

Can we still use the sample letter given in the link :Coronavirus - USCIS H1B, B2, F1 Extension Special Situation? • USA
As there are some flight started by India government .
I am planning to do the extension of my parents (both are 60+) . Do we need to still provide Affidavit of Support (Form I-134), and bank statements ? or written document is sufficient ?

You should provide all documents that you think can help USCIS officer make a decision for extension.

Do not assume and write your individual situation in the cover letter.

Dear Anil,

Thank you for helping the community on Visa related questions.

My parent’s(age 63, 53) are on B2 visa and i94 is valid till Jul8th.
I want to apply for extension as travel is not recommended.
For the reason to extend, i wanted to use Indian travel advisory letter
mohfw.gov.in/pdf/Traveladvisory.pd, but it says it is valid till mar 29th only.
Can you please tell me if there is a new document, that can used for supporting extension?


Check the new advisory on ministry of health India website. They update it there if a new order is issued.

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My mom’s I-94 (B2 visa) will expire soon Jun 09. I am willing to apply for an extension form I-539. However, I will enclose it along with form I-912 -fee waiver- to avoid paying any fees ($ 455) and a sample written letter demanding an extension and explain why!
Has anyone filled out and applied fee waiver from I-912 to extend B2 visa?
please i am a student and with coronavirus it is so difficult for me to add more expenses, any advice?

You can try but chances of fee waiver for B2 extension are low.

Its better to leave US than apply for extension with fee waiver as per my opinion.

Hello Daria;
My mom’s situation is the same as your mom’s case. Please, Did you file an extension for her, and how long to get an answer. If so, did pay the fees. In conclusion, what response did you get from the USCIS?

Hello Anil,

My mom has the I-94 that will be expired on 1st August. Although the international flights may resume in July, but I don’t want to take the risk of traveling her right now.

She is 65 and i am worried if she is contaminated during the travel.
Apart from the return ticket, what are the documents I can show to strengthen her case?

Please help!


Please read here: