B2 Visa Related Question

New to the forum. I saw in previous posts, anil_am22 usually answers many questions. So him and others, would appreciate if you could help.

1.) If niece is visiting aunt in US +visit places - applied B2 category and mentioned “self” will take care of the expenses. What are the chances of getting the visa Vs aunt sponsoring the trip?

2.) Can someone who recently attended the B2 visa interview share some questions? And if the above question of how will you take care of your trip was asked, what answer did you give in case you got the visa…

It doesn’t matter if self or others sponsor the applicant. It depends what the consular officer believes at the end of the interview and whether the applicant can establish that he/she have no intentions to immigrate to the US and will comply with the visa terms.

You can explore this forum or just google for the general list of questions for B2.

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Thank you Kalpesh. Appreciate your prompt response