B2 Visitor Visa DS-160 Form

Hi All. I am filling DS-160 for B2 visitor visa for my Mom & I am stuck at " Work / Education / Training Information" section, here can I select “other” as Primary Occupation and specify about non paying work information? Also at the Monthly Income in local currency (if employed) section can we give income details even though not employed? The reason for asking is I have put as self-sponsor for the trip but nowhere it asking about income details. She is currently not employed, she earns money through rental and agriculture income only. In October her visa got rejected and got 214(b) where it says they are looking for links to home country such as property information, family, social link etc. Even though she carried all property documents during the interview none of the documents were asked. In the last DS-160 I have put myself as sponsoring for the trip. Please suggest