Biometric appointment notice for H4 extension

Does anybody know if the USCIS is sending out any biometrics appointment notice for H4 extension?

We applied for H1+H4 extension at the end of March and we got the receipt from USCIS, but no letter from USCIS yet for biometric appointment.

I know the USCIS centers are closed, but just wanted to know if anyone else received biometric appointment notice in the past 2 months? Thanks

I have not heard of anyone receiving the biometric appointment letter yet.

Thanks Anil for the information.


I received a notice from USCIS for my I539 application. Application date was March 16 2020. The notice that I received on 5/30/2020 says that they will be using my previously taken bio metrics and other information.


Thanks for sharing Shruti.

Hi Shruti,
Thanks a for sharing! Do you have prior Biometrics on file ( Has your current H4 EAD filed after Mar 22, 2019) . The reason I am asking that because I applied 2 weeks ago but I do not have any biometrics on file.
Thanks in advance!

Hi shyam,

Yes, they do have my previous biometric. I applied for my change of status from F1 to H4 in October 2019 and biometric was taken for that application in November 2019.

This time I applied for I539 extension and the receipt date for my application was March 16 2020. I have also applied for I797 and the receipt date for this application is March 24th, 2020.

I got a mail from USCIS on saturday 5/30/2020, saying that they will be using my previously taken biometric (the one they took in November 2019).

My online case status also changed to biometrics applied to my case. I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Which service Center ?

Nebraska, my online case status got approved today.

Hi Shruti,
How long did it take for F1 to H4 change of status?

My first COS took almost 6.5 months and the next one got approved in almost 2.5 months. I expedited my application and that helped.

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Hi Shruthi,
Did you expediate your case this time? I also got a notice stating that my previous biometrics will be used for my i539 application. when I expedited the case through congressman, I got a response that biometrics not currently applicable to I-539 form. My center is also Nebraska and receipt date is March 12. Please let me know whether its approved through expedition or through normal course.


I expedite my second application with the help of a senator and USCIS considered my expedite request. I think that’s the reason it took less time.

Thank you Shruthi for your quick response. when you expediated your application, did you submit the notice stating previous biometrics has been applies to the case?

I submitted my request well before my I539 got approved. In fact my expedite request was for both my I539 and I765.

Hi Shruti,
Although I expedited my case by submitting all documents along with the notice( biometrics reused), I got a response thru congressman that reuse of biometrics is not currently applicable to my case. I don’t understand why they responded like this. That is strange.

can we expedite i539? you did it before biometric or after?

Did you sent a screenshot if your case status or any notice from USCIS which says that they are using your previous biometric?

Yes I believe we can. Actually my expedite request was through a senator as opposed to a congressman. I believe a senator’s expedite request is more helpful.

in your case both H4 and EAD expedited?