Biometrics for I-485 - Yellow/Orange warning

Has anyone experienced Biometrics Fingerprints got orange/yellow warning for some fingers?

Did they say anything about it at the biometric center about what could be wrong?

Yes, I had my Biometrics on the 15th of Jan for I-485 EAD/AP application and 3 fingers had the orange sign which said “fingerprint mismatch” The staff there tried multiple times by wiping the fingers again and again but still did not clear. She said its alright since majority of the fingers were fine. It happens sometimes the prints get blur due to over usage or the growth of the lines. It’s fine most of the time. But if they want you to come back again for some reason you will receive a 2nd biometric invitation if need be.

Hope we receive the approval and get the card soon. Fingers crossed!

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Received our EAD/AP combo card on Feb 5th. What a relief!

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