Birth Certificate, substitutes, NABC for USA Green Card, Australia, Canada PR

What did you end up doing for your birth certificate affidavits?

Hi I am on the same boat, different states in the Birth certificate and passport. Tamilnadu and Kerala. What did you do in this case?

No solution yet for me . No guidance got it yet .

Hi @anil_am22

Could you please clarify when you say get birth affidavits if you meant drop the birth certificate idea completely (since there is a place of birth mismatch between birth certificate and Passport) and instead go the route of NABC + Parents affidavit? Or use birth certificate (with mismatched info) + Parents affidavit and may be some explanation letter will do?

I would suggest to go the NABC + birth affidavit route if there is a mismatch and you don’t want to fix it in passport and other documents.

Thanks for clarifying that.
Speaking of birth affidavit, is Notary seal on Affidavit with Govt of XYZ state okay ?
Is that what everyone has got ?

Or does it have to show Govt. of India?

Hi @anil_am22

A couple of questions:

  1. My name on the birth certificate says Mandeep R instead of full name “Mandeep Raj”.
  2. Both my parents name has missing last name (only first names are there).

Is it still an acceptable birth certificate? Please advise.


I suggest to get 2 birth affidavits as well as supporting document.

Hello Anil, I got BC for all of my family (kids on DoB). But, for my wife and me, I got it a couple of years ago (not at the time of DoB) in view of the i485 requirement. Since the BC is not at the time of birth for my wife and me, should I still submit affidavit for both of us?