Birth Certificate, substitutes, NABC for USA Green Card, Australia, Canada PR

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You will need an Original birth certificate for filing the USA green card apart from other documents for i-485 filing or NABC (nonavailability of birth certificate). NABC is an official letter signed by the local registrar or the municipality department mentioning that there is no record of your birth in the government records. Similarly, Australian,…


Hi Anil,

You said earlier that if there is no birth certificate available then 10th class mark sheet can be used, but you have not mentioned it here. so please let me know why?

Anil, Since we can apply based on filing date, (not sure if they change it back to final date or some other reason etc), can we just send without I-693? I think this will delay the complete application

Hi @Rajiv_Nadukuru

Please read the FAQ on the linked article.

Hello, What should we do if we have one letter typo in the birth certificate?

When my parents got married, per customs name of my mother was changed from MAIDEN_NAME to NEW_NAME. For first year both names were used. When I was born, my birth certificate listed NEW_NAME without any surname( and the certificate has my fathers full name).
However the NEW_NAME, didn’t really stick and everyone referred her using her MAIDEN_NAME (with new surname). All of her documents(aadhar, passport) use MAIDEN_NAME + new surname.

What documentary evidence, I need to get in order to explain this situation in legal terms.

I am on same boat. My father name has typo in my birth certificate.
My wife birth certificate has her different spelling. Also our birth certificates have been issued after 365 days of birth. Am talking to lawyers and will update as i hear more.

What are the options if the Birth certificate and Passport has different dates (1 day difference) ?


Is it mandatory for the birth certificate to mention both my first name and last name ?
My birth certificate only has my first name and parent’s name separately.
Even though my first name in birth certificate matches with my passport, my last name is not mentioned explicitly in birth certificate. Would this become an issue for I-485 ?
Also we have a son (who was born in India), also with the same first name/last name problem.

Hello ,
What to do if the name in the birth certificate is different from the one in passport . Secondly, also please advise what to do if there is no birth certificate available . What are the options in both the above scenarios while we get ready to file I-485 . Since this is urgent , any advise /inputs is highly appreciated .


I preparing to file for my I485 in October 2020 and I have some questions regarding the birth certificate. Really appreciate if someone can clarify the below as soon as possible,

  1. I am the primary and I have obtained my birth certificate(BC) in 2016 from Panchayath. The Place of birth in Passport and my BC are not same. The place of birth in BC does not show the home address where I was born but does not include the City and State whereas the “Address of the parents at the time of birth of the child” in BC has City and State. In my passport the Place of Birth shows as the City mentioned in the “Address of the parents at the time of birth of the child” . Would this be a problem? If so, what should I do?

  2. My BC does not have spelled out names of my mom, dad or myself. Is this fine or should I get an affidavit with spelled out names?

  3. My wife (H4 dependent) does not have a birth certificate. May I know what are the options we have to file within October?

Really appreciate if someone can clarify above questions?

Hi @Sun010120 @morningsun @anudnu @nagesh @Farhan_Ahmed @Npin

If there is any discrepancy in the birth certificate, then it is better to get the affidavits made.

The sample affidavit has been given on the linked article above.

Hi Anil,

Do we have do get the notarized affidavits for birth certificates for Indian citizens on a non judicial stamp papers or a regular white paper will work? Please advise and Thanks!

Hi @rajambn

Affidavit should be notarized on non-judicial paper.

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on stamp papers affidavits , we have first party/second party
correct me -
First party: Affiants name ?
Second party: Nil

Another questions:
I heard cases where ppl used just affidavits for BC , they haven’t submitted “No birth certificate” from muncipalty , may be a year back ? does this hold true now also

It varies by each case. I some cases only affidavit may be sufficient and in other, USCIS may be more strict and may need a “no birth certificate”.

Hi @anil_am22 ,

My parents are visiting me and they are here in USA since Feb 2020. Can I get affidavits from father and mother for late registration of birth certificate and notarized in USA? If so will that be good enough? Please advice and Thanks.

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You can get affidavits from your parents.

Thank you Anil for the reply.

Hi Anil ,

I have 2 clarifications -

  1. My Primary DOB , the state is different as compared with passport . As I born in one state( TN) and within 2 months , moved to the current state (Kerala) and have my passport - Place of birth is with the current State (kerala) . I won’t get my Birth Certificate in the current state ( Kerala) . Should i get the birth certificate from Tamil Nadu( TN) , but still passport wil have a difference or in Kerala State - i have ask for No certificate ? What should be my actions ?

  2. My spouse have difference in Birth year ( 1 yr difference) as compared with passport and birth certificate . What can i do now ? if affidavits can be taken means - will that should be in a bond paper ? But here problem is - Birth year for Date of birth certificate is correct . But school certificates ,passport,adhar cards all holds the same year with passport as reference .